Sunday, August 12, 2007

Things to Look for on Your State Map

In fact, knowledge of geography is essential to so many different fields, that having a map nowadays is essential to anyone’s studies! Scientists use it to plot the routes of certain animals; ecologists use it to see how weather patterns can affect certain locations; politicians use it to determine how they should rule their territories; and even musicians use it to guide them on their tours!

If you are interested in traveling cross country and taking your car through a variety of roads and curious stops, look for a book of state maps that show where different highways go, and where you can stop for a bite, fun, amusement, or a night’s rest. Such state maps should show, with the help of color codes and legends, which roads are highways and which are back roads, which roads are still being repaired or built, or which roads might be closed when weather conditions grow a bit harsh and rough.

If you are traveling cross country, but you do not have a car, then you might want to buy a book of state maps that show the routes of major bus or train lines. You can get such maps at truck, train, or bus stops. Having such a map can allow you to have a bit of fun. Some bus lines stop at major tourist locations, so if you want to feel what life is like on the open road without worrying if you will fall asleep at the wheel, then take a bus or train across America and stare out the window as the country speeds past your eyes.

You might also want to look for a book or collection of state maps that have information on state statistics, such as the major crops that are being produced, the number of people and the locations of certain ethnic groups, and even the state budget for different important aspects of economics and politics. Such statistics can help you understand why some states are more modern-looking than others, or why some states specialize in certain foods or crops.

Be sure to look for detailed state maps that show the different districts you can visit, so that you can be familiar with municipalities or cities that might be significant to your field of study or interest.

No matter where you are going, and no matter what you are studying, state maps can help you understand geography, economics, and history better. With all this information on hand, you can find your schoolwork easier to do, your lessons more exciting to learn, and your travels more interesting as you know exactly where you want to go.

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