Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tips For Vacation Photos

Taking a vacation is a wonderful experience, whether you go to a beach location, a theme park, have a camping holiday, or travel to Europe on a sightseeing tour. But when you return home, the pictures you took on your trip are a large part of the memory experience. These pictures are priceless and it is worth learning a few tips to make your picture-taking memories more rewarding.

When packing for your memorable vacation, keep in mind these things:
1. Camera, batteries + extras, memory card(s), battery chargers
2. External flash (if needed), tripod, portable storage device
3. Power adapter (if traveling abroad)
4. Camera case—waterproof if going to a beach or wet vacation spot
(you can also purchase silica gel packs from your camera store to reduce moisture further)
5. Underwater camera if traveling to a beach location
(even a small disposable one will get those unforgettable shots!)
6. Be sure to get a wrist-strap for your camera—you don’t want to lose your camera when you are traversing the rainforest treetops!

Be sure to charge your camera batteries before you leave home, and clear your memory card.
It is always a good idea to take an extra memory card with you. Don’t be afraid to shoot lots of pictures of the same subject – a digital camera can hold a lot of pictures and you can sort out the good from the bad before printing them when you get home.

Before you leave home, do a little research on the spot you are traveling to and try to pre-plan some of the shots you may wish to take. Use travel guides, books and magazines to help plan what you may wish to include in your memory album. This may also be helpful not only in planning what type of shot you may wish to take, but may affect when you travel to a certain location. Make a list of the potential shots and plan your trip accordingly.

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