Monday, August 27, 2007

Make Knowledge the Foundation of your Backpacking Hobby

If you are just starting out in backpacking then there are a few things you really must do before hitting the trail. Becoming knowledgeable about backpacking is very important to being able to enjoy it. Having the essential knowledge you need will help you to be able to plan trips, stay safe and have a good overall experience. Like with any other hobby or project you take on in life, you must learn about it before you can actually do it.

One of the first things you can do to become more knowledgeable about backpacking is to read. You should try to get backpacking books and magazines. You need to understand about backpacking culture, problems you may encounter, gear needs and everything else you can about backpacking. Reading can help you to gather essential information, but there is another way to make sure you learn everything you need to before actually going out on a trip.

Another great way to get knowledgeable is to join clubs or organizations dedicated to backpacking. Through an organization you will meet other backpackers who can give you first hand information. They can give you helpful tips and share their experiences. You will probably learn more from others than you could ever learn on your own. By listening to and learning from other people’s experiences you will start to be able to really understand what backing is all about.

Some of the things you must learn about before taking your first backpacking trip are:
- first aid
- gear needs
- how to make gear repairs
- information about the area you will be in
- general safety and health concerns
- general hiking information
- camping
To list everything you need to know would be difficult, but what you basically need to do is to understand every aspect of backpacking, including unexpected things, like accidents or getting lost.

Through gaining knowledge you will be able to ensure that you are ready to handle the adventure ahead of you. Backpacking is fun and exciting, but there are many things that, if you do not learn about them, can cause a good trip to go bad quickly. Learn everything you can and you will surely reap the benefits once you are out on the trail.

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